Our Staff

Our Staff

Heartland Administrative Staff

Sue Nigh Staff
Sue Nigh Staff silly

Sue Nigh
Consulting Advisor

Lonnie Thompson staff
Lonnie Thompson staff silly

Lonnie Thompson
Executive Director of Operations

Gene Williams staff
Gene Williams staff silly

Gene Williams
Senior Director of Sales & Experiences

Gene Williams staff
Gene Williams staff silly

Kathryn Breker
Director of Camp & Retreat Experiences

Rob Workman staff
Rob Workman staff silly

Rob Workman
Experience Development Specialist

Emily Cloughly Staff
Emily Cloughly staff silly

Emily Cloughly
Program Lead

Kristen Thompson staff
Kristen Thompson staff silly

Kristen Thompson
Asst. to Exec. Direc., HR Administrator

Experience Facilitators

Ben Campbell staff
Ben Campbell staff silly

Ben Campbell

Site and Facilities

Tyler Frysinger staff
Tyler Frysinger staff silly

Tyler Frysinger
Site and Facilities Director

Randy Nigh staff
Randy Nigh staff silly

Randy Nigh
Site and Facilities Advisor

Wes Harrison staff
Wes Harrison staff silly

Wes Harrison

Food Services

Seth Carnes staff
Seth Carnes staff silly

Seth Carnes

Candy Cox staff
Candy Cox staff silly

Candy Cox

Joanna Girst staff
Joanna Girst staff silly

Joanna Girst


Shelly Baldwin staff
Shelly Baldwin staff silly

Shelly Baldwin
Housekeeping Director

Marty Cramblitt staff
Marty Cramblitt staff silly

Marty Cramblitt

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