Heartland Administrative Staff

Sue Nigh
Executive Director

Paul Barth
Business Administrator

Lonnie Thompson
Guest Services Director

Kristen Thompson
Administrative Assistant to Executive Director, HR Specialist

Information Technology/Media

Brandon Steed
IT Director

Ben Wells
Visual Design Specialist

Outdoor Education Administrative Staff

Adam Buzbee
Director of Programming and Outdoor Education

Lindsey Wells
Programming Administrative Assistant

Rob Workman
Program Manager

Outdoor Educators & Program Facilitators

Josh Acock

Joan Barth

James Bracy

Seth Carnes

Emily Cloughly

Kendrick Flanagan

Rebecca Freeman

Kayla Gaitan

Wes Harrison

Gene Williams

Jazmyn Wilson

Outdoor Education Health Officers

Christy Sinclair

Anna Kirk

Site and Facilities

Randy Nigh
Site and Facilities Director

Tyler Frysinger
Site and Facilities

Nate Kirk

Food Services

Pam Chapman
Food Services Director

Carol Frysinger
Food Services

Ben Campbell
Food Services


Shelly Baldwin
Housekeeping Director

Marty Cramblitt