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Event Date: March 23-25, 2018

What is the Father/Son Journey Weekend?

Journey Weekend is designed for you to deepen and strengthen your Father/Son relationship and the relationship with your Heavenly Father. During this highly interactive weekend you will be equipped through experiential activities in bush craft, survival, high ropes, zip line, sligshhot paintball, devotions and more!


Heartland Conference Retreat Center will be hosting this event in the Hickory Lodge


June 24th – Feb 23rd
$150 / person (save $15)
Add a T-shirt for $10

After Feb 23rd
$165 / person
Add a T-shirt for $10


To restart the Biblical journey of fathers passing on a walk with the Heavenly Father, spiritual values, moral truths, and Biblical masculinity through an individual, mentor relationship with their sons.

This retreat will be an opportunity to experience discipleship rather than simply hearing about it. You will be engaged with your son in hands on learning that will be used to teach spiritual truths and will promote a Biblical application of what a man of God looks like.

You will be encountering God together through devotional materials, skill based activities, group discussions, and one-on-one conversations that put you, the father, in the role of spiritual leader to your son.

This weekend is about using the medium of survival skills as a springboard for discipling our sons; no experience is necessary as you will be learning the skills together.

There is a packing list located here. Keep in mind, however, that this is a March retreat and also is largely outside.

All of our activities either have the equipment available or doesn’t require equipment. If all you brought is yourself, your bedding, and warm/dry clothing, you would still be able to fully participate in our activities. We do suggest your bring a knife and/or hatchet but is not mandatory.

Our kitchen is able to handle most food allergies if we know about them in advance. If you include your specific allergies in your registration form, we can work to accommodate these allergies. If you have specific concerns or need to go into more detail on allergies, you can also contact our office at 740-747-0220 to speak with us in person.

We will be staying in our comfortable Hickory lodge for the evenings but will be spending the bulk of the daytime hours outside.

Depending on the maturity of your son, we suggest ages 8 and up, however, there are no age requirements. There are also height and weight requirements for the zipline which are 42″ and 45 lbs.