All Things Are Possible: The Purpose - Ohio Ministry Network and Ohio Youth Ministries summer camps

All Things Are Possible

In the late 1990’s, what is now Heartland Conference Retreat Center was a dream from God in the hearts of a group of men and women within the Ohio Ministry Network. They knew it was time to build a new camp and retreat center that would allow for continued growth of the summer camp programs for children, teenagers, and families. The impact of these camps on the lives of those who attend is too powerful to be limited by lack of space and old buildings.

Many pastors and leaders remember walking the property that would soon become Heartland, praying, dreaming, and planning for the future ministry that would take place on these very special grounds.

Walking through the woods at Heartland Conference Retreat Center in Marengo Ohio. All Things Are Possible: The Purpose

Hundreds of churches and individuals joined together in making the dream a reality as they raised funds and gave seed offerings to see the property purchased in a strategic location in Central Ohio and for modern facilities to be built on the property. Since then, tens of thousands of lives have been impacted for Jesus through the ministry that happens at Heartland Conference Retreat Center.

As the camps and retreats have grown over the past 20 years, we now find that we are in great need of expansion and updates.

It’s Time!

It’s been a generation since we last came together for the campaign that successfully launched Heartland. This is our generation’s opportunity to do more than construct some functional facilities. As leaders, it’s time for us to band together across the state – in faith, in prayer, in sacrifice – to see our powerful God position Heartland and our churches for growth, expansion and the greatest evangelistic effort Ohio has ever seen!
-John Wootton, Ohio Ministry Network Superintendent

The Purpose

Buildings are important… but it’s what happens in the buildings that matters most.

The development of 3 strategic facilities will greatly increase Heartland’s ability to say “Yes!” to groups and gatherings who are currently being turned away due to lack of meeting space. We can significantly maximize the millions of dollars we’ve already invested in underused kitchen, bed and bath space by adding 10 smartly designed breakout spaces, doubling our capacity!

Watch this powerful video to learn more about the need, the impact, and the how. Prepare to be inspired!

Next Steps

Now you can see the need before us and we invite you to stay tuned for the next blog post in this series when we will unpack for you the exciting project to be completed in this expansion of Heartland and the mission to see souls saved and lives changed. Click here now to sign up for email updates so you can stay in the loop.

We Need You!

Will you be a part of Ohio’s future and help make what once seemed impossible possible? Join us as we declare, All Things Are Possible!

…with God, all things are possible.” – Matthew 19:26

  1. PRAY – please be in prayer for the All Things Are Possible campaign.
  2. GIVE – give to see lives changed!
  3. SPREAD THE WORD – tell others about this great opportunity to be a part of impacting lives for Jesus for years to come.

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