“After years of rigorous planning along with a 100% affirmative vote by our ministers, it’s unquestionably time to prepare our amazing camp, conference and retreat center for its next phase of growth and development.”     -Pastor John Wootton, Network Superintendent

We are so excited for the expansion of Heartland that will pave the way for the next decades of ministry!


New Multipurpose Facility

A new multipurpose facility will accommodate our growing youth and kids camps. It will also free up the current multipurpose building for use as overflow dining space, eliminating the need for multiple meal shifts. If you’ve served at a summer camp in recent years, you know what a great impact this will be on the overall camp schedule and experience!

A new multipurpose facility will allow for multiple larger groups to hold events simultaneously, maximizing the number of beds. In the last blog post, we mentioned the current meeting room accommodations are severely lacking in comparison to bed space, so Heartland routinely has no choice but to turn away bookings. This means we often have empty bed space while meeting rooms are full. Imagine the positive financial impact of being able to say “YES!” to more event bookings!

The new multipurpose facility will allow for gender-specific ministry to take place during the camps and retreats.

Additionally, a new multipurpose facility will provide indoor recreation space during inclement weather.

All Things Are Possible: The Project - Heartland Conference Retreat Center Marengo Ohio new multipurpose building for schools, camps, retreats, meetings, conferences, seminars, and outdoor education in central Ohio

New Breakout Building

Heartland currently lacks in breakout room space, which limits the ministry and event booking opportunities. The new breakout room building will offer six individual meeting rooms, accommodating 60 participants each with partitioned walls allowing for a variety of configurations.

All Things Are Possible: The Project - Heartland Conference Retreat Center Marengo Ohio new meeting building floorplans

This new breakout meeting building provides much needed workshop and classroom space for OMN camps, conferences, and training opportunities, as well as for the Heartland COMPASS team building and the Heartland Outdoor School.

“I can’t overstate how helpful the Compass team building experience was for our staff and my own life. Heartland wisely encouraged us to include our pastors, admin and facilities staff as one team for the retreat. Now six months later we continue to enjoy energizing levels of harmony, laughter, trust and kingdom productivity.”
-Chris Beard, Lead Pastor, Peoples Church, Cincinnati

Oakwood Center addition

Part of the expansion of Heartland also includes updating and maximizing existing spaces, including the Oakwood Center.

All Things Are Possible: The Project - Heartland Conference Retreat Center Marengo Ohio new Oakwood Center updates and addition

The addition of a new front porch will provide much-needed hangout space during the spring, summer, and fall.

A new conference room will be added to serve as the operations center for summer camps and large guest groups.

The very heavily used carpeting in the Oakwood Center Multipurpose has been replaced with stain-resistant, heavy duty carpet squares. After 20 years, it was time for new flooring!

Additional offices will be added to the Oakwood Center to accommodate Health Officers and other Heartland team members.

All Things Are Possible: The Project - Heartland Conference Retreat Center Marengo Ohio new Oakwood Center updates and addition floor plan

The Lord will fulfill His purpose for (Ohio). – Psalm 138:8

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Will you be a part of Ohio’s future and help make what once seemed impossible possible? Join us as we declare, All Things Are Possible!

…with God, all things are possible.” – Matthew 19:26

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