Ball Fields and Courts

Open Use

Heartland’s recreation area is designated for open use by our guests. There are two full length basketball courts, two sand volleyball courts, a tennis court, large playground, three gaga pits, and a nine square court. There are also large recreational fields available. Let your Heartland host know beforehand if you would like to reserve an area for exclusive use or if any equipment will be needed.


No Charge
Roasting Sticks Available

End your day with an inviting time at one of our campfire areas. We will have your fire crackling by the time you are ready to gather and enjoy the tranquility of the evening. Ask about our roasting sticks if you plan on bringing s’mores or hotdogs for a snack.


$180/hour or $600/day
1 hour minimun charge

Heartland’s outdoor recreational pool is sure to be a hotspot for your group during your stay. We can accommodate groups both small and large. Come take a dip and play some water volleyball, water basketball, use our diving boards, or just relax and swim. The pool is available on a seasonal basis.

Slingshot Paintball

Running time: 1 or 2 hrs.
$9/person/5 rounds (1 hr.)
$15/person/10rounds (2 hr.)
12person minimum charge

Bring a group of your friends and sling some paint at each other on our slingshot paintball course! It’s fast-paced, high energy fun. We provide all of the equipment, which will include: slingshot, ammo, and mask with throat gear. You won’t want to miss this!

Wilderness Rush

Running Time :1 – 1.5 hrs.
100 person minimum charge
$10/person 100-199 people
$8/person 200+ people

Organized chaos at its finest! Push your group to complete this outdoor obstacle course of elements that will challenge any skill level. Finishing is a feat of its own!

Climbing Wall

Running time: $90/first hr.
$60/hr. after
Approx. 30 climbs/hr.

Strap on your harness and helmet, pick a route, and climb to the top of this nearly 20′ structure. All ages and skill levels will be challenged!

High Ropes

Running time: min 1 hr. $15/person
20 person minimum charge

Climb up stairs 20 or 30 feet into the air to experience the challenge and adventure of our two level high adventure course. Unite as a team to encourage each person through several heart-pounding elements.

Zip Line

Running time: 1 hr $10/person
20person minimum charge

Looking for a thrill ride? Hang on tight as you rush down our 400 ft. zip line. Minimum height/weight of 42″ and 45 lbs. and maximum height/weight of 75″ and 275 lbs.

Team Challenge Course

Running rime: 2 hrs. $8/person
20 person minimum charge

Journey into the woods to experience our custom-built challenge course, where your group will enjoy bonding over activities that promote unity, trust, communication, and teamwork. Led by our experienced facilitators, expect a memorable event which creates an atmosphere conducive to realization, reflection, and change, not to mention a lot of fun!

Group Problem Solving

Running time: 2 hrs. $6/person
20 person minimum charge

Promote problem solving skills, leadership, and teamwork within your group through interactive participation in these indoor/outdoor activities led by our enthusiastic facilitators using portable props and equipment.


Running time 1 hr. $3/person
20 person minimum charge

Head out to the range and enjoy a time of facilitated archery with one of our staff. Test your aim using a recurve or compound bow and see if you can hit the bullseye!

Birding Hike

Running time: 1 hr. $2/person
20 person minimum charge

Guests will obserce the characteristics and diversity of birds on a guided nature hike leading to observation time at our Heartland bird blind.

Large Group Game

Running time: 1 hr. $2/person
20 person minimum charge

Your group will have a blast expending energy playing some action-packed games like Gold Rush, 9 Square, Gaga, or Wacky Olympics, just to name a few.

Nature Center

Running time: 1 hr. $2/person
20 person minimum charge

Come and discover creatures from all over the world. You may learn a thing or two as our educators bring out reptiles, amphibians, and even some mammals for you to hold and study.

Nature Hike

Running time: 1 hr. $2/person
20 person minimum charge

Join one of our program staff as you are guided on a hike along a portion of Heartland’s five miles of trails. You’re sure to discover something new as you explore several ecosystem types. You may venture out to the prairie and wetland, through the woods, or even down to the edge of Alum Creek. Come experience what God created for us the enjoy!

Night Hike

Running time: 1 hr. $2/person
20 person minimum charge

Explore nature during the night as you follow our experienced facilitators on a guided trail hike. Experience magnificent star gazing (weather permitting), wildlife signs, and nighttime sounds with renewed appreciation for the night.

Pathfinders (Orienteering)

Running time: 1 hr. $3/person
20 person minimum charge

Do you find yourself getting lost frequently? Utilizing our basic orienteering course, you will traverse through the forest while learning how to use a compass.

Wagon Ride

Running time: 1 hr. $2/person
20 person minimum charge

Hop in a wagon and take in the beauty of the nature around Heartland on a classic wagon ride. Singing encouraged!

Living History

Running time 2 hrs.
$350 group rate

Step back in time to the late 1700s and experience life through the eyes of an early settler in the Ohio territory. Our staff will reenact the daily life of men and women on the frontier. You will have a chance to watch and participate as they demonstrate activities such as blacksmithing, candle making, cabin building, crafts, and cooking over an open fire.

Pioneer Games

Running time: 1 hr. $2/person

Tomahawk and knife throwing, buffalo robe, nine pins, and stilts. These are some of the activities you can experience when visiting the Alum Creek settlement to play some pioneer games. Our staff member, dressed in period clothing, will explain how settlers had fun on the frontier in the late 1700s while you try out the activities.