Team Development

Our team development program is designed to improve your organization’s cohesiveness through teaching interpersonal skills such as: communication, conflict management and personal investment. These principles can be taught utilizing seminars, self-awareness assessments, problem solving exercises, team challenge elements, and our high adventure course.

Below are examples of programs that we offer which can be customized to meet your organization’s needs and time availability.
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Single Day Experience

This one day format is designed to focus on one or two team development principles which best meet your organization’s needs. You may have a particular principle already in mind or we can assist you in your choice through our pre-event consultation. Depending on your time availability and weather, a day’s event typically includes:

  • A seminar on your chosen topic
  • A group dynamics assessment
  • An interactive group problem solving activity
  • An indoor or outdoor team challenge obstacle

Overnight Experience

Duration: 2 or more days

This multi-night format allows for an expanded application of multiple team development principles and a greater opportunity for the development of your organization. Depending on your time availability and weather, an overnight event typically includes:

  • In-depth seminar sessions
  • Multiple interactive problem solving activities
  • Group dynamics assessments
  • Multiple experiences on the team challenge course
  • Facilitated small group discussions
  • Relaxing or exciting evening activities
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