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Develop leaders, unify your group, strengthen relationships, foster cooperation and solidify teamwork through a Heartland Compass Experience. Whether your focus is on team, leaders, culture or a combination of all three we have customizable options for you. Scroll down to explore all three options.

Team Development

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Team Development focuses on building the skills necessary for team members to operate efficiently and effectively together. The program is designed to equip team members to improve work relationships and to utilize each other’s abilities to benefit the team as a whole. This process is accomplished through hand’s-on experiential activities followed up with a time of discussion and debriefing that would tie the entire experience together.

Leader Development

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The primary objective of Leadership Development is to cultivate basic principles of personal development that will help create well rounded leaders. Everyone is a leader in some regard so this option helps answer the question, “How do I function within a team?” Incorporating various levels of adventure based activities you will experience numerous team dynamics and learn best practices for how you can make positive contributions to the team as you learn appropriate times to lead and when to follow.

Culture Development

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Sometimes you just need a break from the day to day routine. That’s where Cultural Development comes in! Whether it is just a fun day out or a way to relieve some stress this option focuses on creating lasting memories that will unify your team through a shared experience. A healthy team is made up of healthy individuals and this program is designed to embrace the concept of “de-stressing” and having fun!